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Nourish your soul...

Soul has many meanings. If you look the term up, you see definitions about it being spiritual (outside of your physical body) to it being the makeup of the inner person.

When I speak of soul, I am speaking of the positive energy that flows through us all. It can become stagnant or turn dark.

How do you fill yourself with positive energy?

You have to give to others without expecting anything in return.

You give to your community. Your community begins with your family at home, extended family, friends, neighbors, to strangers in need. Doing good for others feeds our soul and fills it with positive energy.

As a mother, I stress this in raising my boys and as a coach I incorporate it in m

y program. We volunteer in the community and we choose an entity we can help in some way every year. I do this to create a habit. A habit, I hope will stay with these young men throughout their lives.

Young men need to learn it is important to feed their souls and give back.

When they see a person on the street with a sign pleading for help, I want them to see the person. That could be their brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, or friend. Being capable of seeing the human being needing help is the first step.

Empathy feeds the soul. Putting yourself in someone’s place helps us to feel for them, which leads to wanting to be there for them in some way.

Nourish your soul and fill yourself with positive energy.

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